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There are lots of reasons any of us might need a little extra help sometimes...

Covid – 19 Update

As a result of the current social distancing requirements, we are offering counselling by video link for current and new clients

People look for counselling for a variety of reasons


Life is often complex and demanding, and at some point many people find themselves at the end of their tether. Counselling can help with a variety of symptoms:

  • unable to eat or sleep properly, feeling exhausted and constantly tearful
  • ‘flying off the handle’ 
  • feeling angry, anxious or generally ‘down’   
  • finding it hard to make relationships work either with partners, the family, or at work   
  • unsure about sexuality identity; or struggling with sexual dysfunction 
  • dogged by persistent negative thoughts and feelings of low self-worth 
  • experiencing obsessive thoughts or behaviour patterns 
  • overcoming a bereavement, redundancy, divorce or other important loss in life
  • an inability to manage change
  • feeling stuck and unable to function

Cirencester Counselling can help with all of the above.  Not only is counselling a supportive relationship, but if you are prepared to look at yourself and your feelings through the eyes of another then counselling becomes a challenging and exciting experience.  Counselling begins with you telling your story.  The counselling ‘space’ is entirely yours, free from judgement or criticism and it is completely confidential.

Counselling changes the lives of those who are prepared to engage and work with the process.

What people say about their experience with Cirencester Counselling:

‘It was a release of thoughts and feelings locked up inside my head, in a non-judgemental space.’
‘I gained knowledge that I have power, and that I have the freedom to use it however I want.’
I found a safe, neutral and non-judgemental environment. I was able to air grief, worries and emotional problems which contributed to chronic physical pain. Physically, I am much better. Christine is patient, kind and supportive…I got to the root of deep down sadness and loneliness…it has been painful at times, but made me more stable and accepting of myself and others.’
‘I got a great deal of help to understand both myself and my challenges. I feel more settled and able to cope with anxiety and stress. It has been enormously beneficial.’
‘I gained a better understanding of myself and confidence in my ability to cope with life.’
‘I gained perspective! I feel more able to manage my sadness and organise my thoughts more effectively. I feel a lot more confident…am sleeping so much better and not so exhausted.’
‘I can take a different perspective now…things I thought were big dramas are in fact not so central to everything and I approach things in a more relaxed manner.’
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