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‘It was a release of thoughts and feelings locked up inside my head, in a non-judgemental space.’


‘I gained knowledge that I have power, and that I have the freedom to use it however I want.


‘I got a great deal of help to understand both myself and my challenges. I feel more settled and able to cope with anxiety and stress. It has been enormously beneficial.’


‘I gained a better understanding of myself and confidence in my ability to cope with life.’


‘I found a safe, neutral and non-judgemental environment. I was able to air grief, worries and emotional problems which contributed to chronic physical pain. Physically, I am much better. Christine is patient, kind and supportive…I got to the root of deep down sadness and loneliness…it has been painful at times, but made me more stable and accepting of myself and others.’


‘I gained perspective! I feel more able to manage my sadness and organise my thoughts more effectively. I feel a lot more confident…am sleeping so much better and not so exhausted.’


‘I can take a different perspective now…things I thought were big dramas are in fact not so central to everything and I approach things in a more relaxed manner.’

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